The drumstick tree: All you need to know

drumstick leave powder in a bowl with a white background

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The drumstick tree, also know as moringa oleifera, has been called the miracle tree many times over. In this article we will focus on the benefits and uses of the drumstick.

All parts of the moringa oleifera can be used. The seeds, flowers, leaves and stems edible and extremely nutritious according to the Times of India.

Moringa Oleifera (drumstick) leave powder in a bowl with drumstick leaves in the background.

So where does the drumstick tree grow?

India is the biggest producer of Moringa Oleifera, with a 1.2 million tons annual production of the fruit.

However, it also grows in tropical, sub-tropical and semiarid regions. In South Asia and Southeast Asia people grow it in their gardens or as home fences.

People then sell it at local markets because of its many nutritional properties.

Many countries in Africa recently started cultivating moringa. Many farmers in Limpopo, South Africa started cultivating drumsticks in the last few years.

The benefits of drumsticks

There are many benefits of drumsticks that you should know about. It is also seen as one of the trees that can help alleviate poverty in poor countries.

1. It helps to boost immunity

Moringa trees contain vitamin C and has a few antibacterial properties. This helps to prepare the body against seasonal infections such as colds and coughs. Therefore, drumsticks helps protect your immune sistem get stronger.

2. Eat drumsticks for stronger bones

Iron and calcium improve bone density and makes your bones stronger. Moringa products are loaded with calcium and iron. Therefore, eating moringa can make your bones stronger.

3. Moringa is good for your gut

Drumsticks contain a lot of fibre. Fibre is great for bowel movement in your gut. Therefore moringa is good for your gut.

4. Improves blood quality

Blood circulation improves because of the antibiotic agents present in moringa oleifera. When blood circulation improves, your heart also does not have to work as hard to deliver oxygen to your body. Therefore, it is also good for your heart to eat drumstick.

It can also lower your blood pressure if you consume parts of the miracle tree regularly.

Some studies show that consuming moringa can increase the oxygen in your blood.

5. Drumsticks help keep blood sugar levels healthy

For people that struggle with diabetes this is great news. Consuming drumsticks help with the functioning of the gal bladder. This, in turn helps your body to maintain the sugar levels in your blood.

Therefore, consuming drumsticks may help you with diabetes.

6. Drumsticks help to prevent respiratory diseases

Respiratory illnesses are basically diseases in your lungs. Moringa powder has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to prevent diseases in your lungs.

Therefore consuming drumsticks regularly may help your body to fight respiratory diseases such as covid, asthma and bronchitis.

7. Drumsticks are great for your hair and skin

Hair and skin grow and thrive because of frolic acid and vitamin A and B. The drumstick tree is rich in these vitamins and frolic acid. Therefore, consuming moringa tablets regularly can make your skin smooth and your hair healthy.

How to prepare drumstick

Drumstick very often refers to the immature pod of the moringa oleifera tree. In South Asia people parboil it and then consume it within curries and other stews.

Even when you boil these pods, it remains high in vitamin C and other nutrients. Also, it remains high in fiber, manganese, magnesium and potassium.

What do you think of the drumstick?

Let us know in the comment section what you think of the drumstick. Have you tasted it before?

What benefits have you experienced from consuming moringa products?

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